How many of you know couples that struggled trying to get pregnant? All our friends were having kids. What about us? Yet when we went to the doctor we were told that we had to use all of our savings on treatment! Instead we tried the First Step Conception Kit to help us get pregnant and it worked! Now we are using our savings for the nursery in our new home instead of costly, time consuming treatments.

If you’re looking at fertility treatments, you know how expensive they can be. It seems like there’s no middle ground – either you get pregnant the old fashioned way, or you’re stuck with expensive, time consuming treatments.

We offer a better first step, period.

Our mission is to offer an accessible, low cost, better first step fertility treatment. One that helps all people, including the less affluent and non-urban couples, to achieve their dream of parenthood.









A complete one month treatment in every Kit

8 Ovulation Predictors


Ovulation Predictors

1 Condom and Cap


Condom and Patented Conception Cap

1 Pregnancy Test


Pregnancy Test

1 Fertility Lubricant


Fertility Lubricant

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Collect semen by being intimate with your partner

Collect semen by being intimate with your partner

Step 2

Place semen in the Patented Conception Cap

Place semen in the Patented Conception Cap​

Step 3

Place the cap on your cervix for 3 to 5 hours

Place the cap on your cervix for 3 to 5 hours​

Doctor Recommendations

For couples struggling in their journey toward parenthood, I recommend The First Step Conception Kit. As a starting point in fertility treatment, it is effective, affordable, all natural, drug-free, and can be used in the privacy of your own home.
Dr. Gaylen Kelton
Professor Emeritus, Indiana University School of Medicine

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Where we fit

We represent a better first step before formal treatment

Month One

Month One: Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Month Three

First Step Conception Kit At-Home System Logo Square

First Step Conception Kit

Month Six

Month Six: Diagnostics, Fertility Drugs

Diagnostics, Fertility Drugs

Month Twelve

Month Twelve: Office-Based Procedures

Office-Based Procedures

Who we help

Anyone trying to get pregnant

Anyone trying to get pregnant​

Couples regardless of orientation

Couples regardless of orientation​

Couples with low sperm count and motility

Couples with low sperm count and motility​


Cancer survivors (Drug and hormone free)

Couples trying to time pregnancy (teachers)

Couples trying to time pregnancy (teachers)​

Practicing Catholics (licit with Catholic law)

Practicing Catholics (licit with Catholic law)​

Patient Testimonials

My husband and I tried to conceive for six months without success before using the Conception Kit. We decided to try the kit before undergoing fertility treatments, and after using the kit only once I am happy to say that I just found out that I am pregnant!​

Pre-Treatment User*

Hi there… I wanted to e-mail you and let you know you were right. You said this would work and here I am ten weeks pregnant with my first try with the Conception Kit. I have a son who is two years old and we got pregnant with him through IUI. This was MUCH easier and a lot less expensive.

Former IUI User*

We’re having another baby, thanks to you! After going through IVF for our first three kids (twin girls and a boy), this was such a welcome surprise! Not to mention simple!

Former IVF User*


Frequently Asked Questions

The First Step Conception Kit uses patented Cervical Cap Technology. Cervical Caps have been used for decades to help people get pregnant. Studies have shown that cervical cap technology success ranges from 11-44% based on length of use.

We will be launching our Kit as soon as possible and selling it online. Please check back for updates on launch dates and availability.

We have completed our preliminary work and planning regarding FDA clearance and expect full clearance at launch.

Yes. We feel our Kit represents a great first step for anyone trying to get pregnant. However, if you continue to have issues you should always consult with your doctor.

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